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Blossom Water – Pretty and Tasty

Beverages, Reviews By December 14, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

Well guys, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty tough winter. The low temps, snow and windy days mean that staying hydrated is more important than usual. Hydration is especially important for me while I’m undergoing chemotherapy, as the medicines I receive pretty much drain any fluids I may already have in my body. And although I’m not one of those people who dislikes the “taste” of regular water, I feel like any addition that will make me more likely to reach for it than another beverage is a plus. So when I happened by Blossom Water flavored waters while on a recent grocery run, I picked up a couple to see if they would make an impression.


Cancer Update – Changing the Menu

Lifestyle By August 17, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

I am a couple of weeks into my diagnosis now, and as you are reading this, I have begun my chemotherapy treatments. To say that I hadn’t pictured myself doing this a year ago (or ever) would be the gross understatement of the year. But my official “campaign slogan” is #worktheproblem, and I have every intention of doing that. Not giving into the drama, just focusing all of myself on getting past this. Needless to say this situation has basically upended every part of my life, especially now that chemotherapy is involved. The biggest change is physical, and in turn that means that one of the foundations of my daily life – my diet – will be changing also. Unfortunately I’m having to play it somewhat by ear, but I at least have a small idea of how my personal “menu” is going to be changing and what I need to do to make these next several months a little easier on my body.


Gilding the Lily – A Look at Flavored Water Enhancers

Beverages By October 24, 2014 Tags: , , , , No Comments

I think there are probably a lot of us out there who can say that we don’t drink enough water. I do try to drink quite a bit, but I definitely don’t come anywhere near the RDA. I have heard some people say that they don’t like the “taste” of water, when in fact I believe they are referring to the absence of a flavor. With all of the beverages available on the market, not to mention the vast number of flavor options, it’s no wonder that the average palate needs a little something extra in order to make what they are drinking more appealing. With that in mind, I wanted to explore the market of flavored water enhancers, those tiny containers of concentrated flavored liquid designed to be added to water to make it more palatable to the average consumer.


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