It’s February, and this month is all about hearts. Nope, I don’t mean the ones you see for Valentine’s Day. I mean your heart, and my heart, and everyone else’s, too. The heart is one of our most crucial pieces of biology, and as many people can attest, it is nothing to be messed around with. Taking care of your heart should be part of your everyday routine, quite a bit of which can be done through your diet. So here are five foods that are sure to make your heart happy.

Salmon – this delicious fish is loaded down with Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and potassium. Basically, your body will thank you for taking in this tasty fish; it helps to repair damaged cells, fights inflammation and can reduce your risk of heart disease. Want to know more? Check out

Spinach – Lots of greens are good for you, but spinach is a powerhouse for your heart. Rich in fiber, B vitamins and folate – an important element in maintaining healthy red blood cells – your heart will be singing your praises if you consume this leafy vegetable regularly. For more info on spinach and what it can do for you, go to

Nuts – If you’re nuts for nuts, then go ahead and enjoy. Nuts (virtually any kind, although almonds and cashews contain slightly higher amounts of the good stuff) contain fiber, vitamin E and unsaturated fats lend themselves to a better cholesterol level. A handful of your favorite nuts a day are a tasty snack that fill you up and keep that ticker ticking.

Chocolate – Oh yeah, you read that right. It’s easy to take care of your heart if you get to eat something you love, and a lot of people love chocolate. A few ounces of the tasty treat can prevent blood clots and fight cell damage and lower blood pressure. Of course, it can’t just be any old chocolate (isn’t there always a catch?); your healthy chocolate should be at least 70% cocoa to gain the full benefit. So if you don’t already love dark chocolate, now may be the time to acquire the taste!

Berries – Berries, berries, all kinds of berries. If you like berries, I’ve got good news: so does your heart. They’re chock full of all those hot-button words you hear all the time, like antioxidants and phytonutrients. And they’ve got more of the oh-so-popular soluble fiber that is key for keeping your heart at a happy rhythm.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to keep your heart healthy. Eating whole grains, staying hydrated and activities that reduce stress are all great ways to make sure you’re living and breathing for a long, long time. If you have any ways that you like to keep your heart happy, feel free to drop them in the comments below. Take care of your heart and have a great week!