Oh my goodness you guys, it’s the end of March. Pardon my cliche, but where does the time go? Surely I’m not alone in wondering what happened to the first three months of this year. But even with the drama and general craziness of everyday life, I still managed to have my curiosity piqued by a few things in the food world this month. Hang on tight gang, you never know what I’m going to say next…

The Japanese are pretty innovative with their cuisine. So I had to look twice when I heard about one particular cafe in Tokyo that was running a pretty interesting limited-time deal; in the month of March (until the 26th), they were offering patrons a two-hour nap in a majorly fancy reclining chair with the purchase of at least one food item. They also offered customized lighting and music for those who enjoy more ambient surroundings when trying to relax. I honestly think these things would take off like wildfire in America. Restaurants where you can go in, have a big meal, and then take a nap? I think it’s what mainstream America has been waiting for. (Whitney Filloon via Eater.com)

Hey remember a couple of weeks ago when Cheerios was saturating the internet with an offer of a free packet of wildflower seeds in an effort to aid in the declining bee population? It seemed like a well-meaning solution to a giant problem, right? I mean, I was fairly excited about it. The hang up is that it seems the wildflower seeds chosen for the packets were random. And because they were random – and shipped to all parts of the country – some of the flowers are considered invasive, even harmful species. And I guess they were also aimed at helping honey bees, so the flowers can be a problem for bumble bees or other relative species. General Mills issued a statement of explanation that seemed to not go over very well with scientists or the general public. Just when you thought it was safe to garden again. (Clint Rainey via Grub Street)

So I am pretty excited about the imminent return of the farmer’s market in my town. It starts its regular schedule this weekend and will run into the fall. I plan on making a habit of getting over there as much as possible, not only to get some seriously tasty grub, but also to support the growers and producers in my community. I did a post about being a locavore, that includes some tips on how you can incorporate more locally produced items into your life. It’s probably one of my favorite things about spring, and I hope all of you will pay a visit to your local markets and see what your community has to offer.

So it’s a little short and sweet this time gang, but like I said, it has been a bit of a crazy month, and it’s not over yet. But I will be back to “regularly scheduled programming” next week. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what food news got your attention this month!